One Last Random Note About The “I’m From Rolling Stone” Contestants

Mar 19th, 2007 // 2 Comments

myspacepals.jpgIt’s been less than 24 hours since the finale of I’m From Rolling Stone, the MTV reality show that offered definitive, inarguable evidence that everybody under the age of 27 is a self-obsessed nub-nub. But even though THIS insanely low-rated program is over, your favorite contestants’ legacies live on, thanks to the Internet.

Krishtine, the show’s winner, has been semi-regularly updating her Guerilla Busfare blog, in which she pays tribute to all of her cast-mates, including this touching ode to Russell: “Where do I begin? I love you? Nah. FUCK YOU? Nah. Somewhere in between those is where you lie. We rep FRISCO til’ the day that we die, and together, we are everything that Rolling Stone USED to be.” Her farewell missive prompts a response from Krystal–or someone claiming to be Krystal–who writes in the comments section that “we kept those sad-ass wannabes in check, too bad they didn’t show more of it on tv, we held it down. Dirty toes, dirty hoes–kylie minogue, down talking ugly ass grey streaked bitches.” Someone’s forgetting their hyphens! Krishtine’s blog also includes put-downs of Village Voice writer Tom Breihan and hip-hop author Jeff Chang; we could quibble with this, but as Krishtine has taught us, criticizing anything that anyone does makes you a hater. Finally, there’s her MySpace page, from which we took this picture, and which is now playing Queen’s “We Are The Champions.”

The aforementioned Krystal has her own page, in which she lists her heroes as “Hunter S. Thompson, Edie Sedgwick, Kate Moss, Keith Richards, Nicole Richie, Anita Pallenberg Mary Kate and Ashley,” and refers all emails to her publicist. And who’s one of her first friends? None other than Jann Wenner’s son, Theo. We have no idea what this all means, but maybe her publicist can explain it. (And thanks to the tipster who sent it our way)

As for Russell, his MySpace page is pretty barren, though it does contain a lot of funny references to the Columbine shooters and the Unabomber, because that’s unexpected and attitude-ridden and funny. But we did find this 2006 photo essay, in which he wanders around New York City and writes such hardscrabble lines as “I went to LaGuardia, couldn’t get a flight and ended up at the airport bar with a gorgeous Dominican bartender. Sadly, her husband worked in the kitchen and before I knew what was happening, Port Authority Police were putting me on a bus to Harlem. I borrowed some money, took a limo ride with the therapist and pissed on Grant’s Tomb.” Sign him up now!


  1. Airsank

    Wait, so was Krishtine the annoying blonde one? Or was she the annoying asian girl who loved hyphy? Or the…umm…the other annoying girl whose single character trait I can’t remember. Its a shame that none of these people seemed crazy enough to make it on to the MTV Road Rules Reality Stars 15: “Don’t Have to Get A Real Job For 10 More Weeks Edition”. Although maybe one of them is crazy enough to make it and I just destroyed my TV with a shotgun halfway through the only episode of the show I ever saw.

  2. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Khristine fucking won? Now I am officially cancelling my subscription. Enough of my masochism with trying to like RS. It’s like a boyfriend who beats you.

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