Even Axl Rose’s Ghost Doesn’t Know When “Chinese Democracy” Is Coming Out

Mar 20th, 2007 // 5 Comments

axlrows.jpgWe still can’t make up our minds about this weirdly duplicated Axl image from the new issue of Rolling Stone: Is it merely the result of some photo-department foul-up? Or, as it’s long been rumored, could Axl actually be the grown-up incarnation of the Three Men And A Baby ghost?

  1. SterileEyes

    Can you guys just…lie if you have to and give me some sort of Chinese Democracy release date update? The lack of news over the last few months is giving me a swelling pain in my balls :(

  2. Babydangler

    Yep, definitely a jumbotron. I guess you don’t get the full, douche-y effect solely by seeing him in the flesh.

    Also, why all the Axl attention on Idolator? The guy had his chance (what feels like) a million years ago, and he blew it. Besides, anyone who can beat up his girlfriend but can’t even deliver a decent bitch-slap to Tommy Hilfiger is the very definition of PUSSY.

    Seriously. My dog cuts farts that sound better than this guy now.

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