Russia’s Eurovision Entry Will Really Pump Up Our Workouts

This year’s installment of Eurovision isn’t until May, and tongues in the UK are already wagging about the country’s entry possibly lip-syncing its way to Helsinki. (We’re more scandalized by someone in the UK actually wanting to be represented by a band called “Scooch.”) But thanks to Popjustice, we’ve become charmed by Russia’s entry, which combines the schoolgirl-Sappho undertones of t.A.T.u., the chorus from “Oops! I Did It Again,” the silly double-entendres of mid-period Warrant, and the synth-aided thump of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”/”Have A Nice Day”-style anthems. And we haven’t even mentioned the dance sequence, which will either inspire mass choreography breaking out around Russia or a lawsuit from Justin Timberlake.

Serebro – Song #1 [MP3, link expired]
Serebro – Song #1 [zippyvideos, via Popjustice]

  • Ozzy

    God, that was amazing.
    Hands-in-pockets = so unexpected and hot.
    Is that a Russian thing?

  • DJorn

    My God, you call that a dance sequence? Is this a joke? You’ve gotta run that shit for at least 45 seconds, 60 if you’ve got balls. For God’s sake, people, this is Eurovision! You don’t win by half-assing it; ….

    As much as I like the song overall, it plays like a rough draft of a Eurovision song, the dance break especially; it’s as though someone was planning on going back and adding to it later. Also, It bums me out that everybody sings in English now. I miss the old days of Eurovision when they all sang in their native tongues and tried to broaden their international appeal by just singing a lot of “la-la-la”s in the chorus.

    Also: is this really called “Song #1″? Unless that’s some inexplicable Blur tribute, it only adds to my theory that this is a rough draft.

    Bottom line: could be worse. As much as I enjoyed the subversive/ridiculous aspect of Lordi‘s win last year, the last thing Eurovision needs is half-a-dozen Lordi knockoffs larding the set list.

  • BURR

    Read more about SEREBRO girls, download and enjoy the track and video in high quality at their producer’s site below

  • BURR


    Just to make it clear -
    It’s called “Song #1″ ’cause it’s their debut single! – as simple as that!