Chris Sligh’s Christian Rock Not Christian Enough For Some People

Mar 20th, 2007 // 6 Comments

slighhhh.jpgYou had to see this coming, right?

Chris Sligh, the “American Idol” contestant who has won fans thanks to his curly mop of hair and soulful voice, has a few people concerned with his departure from strictly Christian music. …

Jonathan Pait, a spokesman for fundamentalist Bob Jones University where Sligh attended for several years, said: “We really are somewhat disappointed with the direction he has gone musically.”

He nonetheless tunes in each week to monitor Sligh’s progress.

And here we thought anyone who’d use a DC Talk song as their ticket to the top 12, and list Jesus as their No. 1 hero, would get a free pass. Maybe Pait is smarting from the fact Mute Math–whose “Typical” also got the Sligh treatment–sued its label after being marketed more aggressively to the Christian community?

‘Idol’ Contestant’s Faith Questioned [AP via Breitbart]

  1. MC

    Good catch Jude. The similarity is blinding:

  2. Anonymous

    No wonder he looked like he was having such a blast with the Modest Mouse tune. Please, let them sing a Prince song this week!

    I was willing to overlook the blatant JC thing, but Bob Jones? No more.

  3. Ted Striker

    Eh. Don’t let the BJU connection sink this guy. He’s a former student, right? That means he probably wised up to the fact that he wanted to go to a school where he could actually talk to a girl without getting expelled for sexual harassment.

  4. DJorn

    The whole MuteMath thing really bothers me. I think we should all stop buying records by Christian rock bands who turn their backs on their faith to sell more records. That’s it, no more Switchfoot records for me.

  5. brasstax

    I’m thinking BJU hands out scholarships like candy, and a guy who’s already a believer isn’t gonna turn down a free ride to a Christian college, no matter how conservative-right they are. Like I’ve said before, until Chris starts witnessing in the middle of his tunes or throws bibles in the audience (a la Stryper), I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  6. The Velvet Blog

    Aw, give him a break. His song choice last night, “She’s Not There,” is hardly preachy. C’mon, he loves the Zombies!

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