Wayne Coyne About To Get Even More Chatty Than Usual

coynetoss.jpgGood news, Studio 60 fan! According to Entertainment Weekly, Aaron Sorkin will be writing the upcoming musical adaptation of the Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots:

Sorkin’s reps confirmed on Tuesday (March 20) that the West Wing creator has officially signed on to write the musical’s script. ”Maybe that means they’ll need to build a stage with lots of hallways on it,” joked [Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne] of Sorkin’s fondness for walking-and-talking characters. ”It will be a giant tube that’s always moving!”

And always annoying! In fact, we’ve obtained a page of dialogue from Sorkin’s upcoming opus, and we’re already excited:

CHARACTER 1: So there’s this girl, Yoshimi.
CHARACTER 2: Yoshimi?
CHARACTER 1: Yoshimi.
CHARACTER 2: Ok, so this girl Yoshimi…
CHARACTER 1: She has to battle these pink robots.
CHARACTER 2: Wait–she has to battle robots?
CHARACTER 1: Yes, robots.
CHARACTER 2: Pink robots?
CHARACTER 2: Bush is a dick.

See you in 2010 or so!

Sorkin Will Script Flaming Lips Musical [EW.com]

  • The Playlist

    Wow, did you guys just give up when you wrote that dialogue? Try a few more cups of coffee.

  • Ted Striker

    This whole post was more funny than every episode of Studio 60 combined.

  • konflictofinterest


    I should be freaking out about this, but nothing’s happening.

  • Maura Johnston

    If Amanda Peet plays Yoshimi, I am going to be pissed.

  • freetz

    Nah, it’s going to be that righteously unfunny blonde from Studio 60 who was supposed to be the funniest person on the funniest, edgiest show on television.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Sanjaya gets the part.

  • NickEddy

    Let’s all just pray this doesn’t further slow the release of the “Christmas on Mars” movie.

    Unless it was out already, on some DVD extra.

    Or with “Factory Girl.”

    Seriously, though, will there be a punching-nun puppet dance number? Blood-smeared foreheads are an inevitability…

  • alienjournalism

    Does this mean we’ll get to see her background with the Boredoms/Rovo played out on stage?

    That could be interesting…

  • Jon W

    No mention of the fact that the actual Yoshimi (sort of) was in town last night? XD

  • Jack Fear

    Overheard at the Idolator flophouse:

    IDOLATOR #1: Okay, we need a hacky Aaron Sorkin riff, chop-chop!

    A beat.

    Another beat.

    IDOLATOR #2: I can’t think of anything.

    IDOLATOR #1: Me neither.

    IDOLATOR #3: Let’s just do a hacky David Mamet riff and throw in an out-of-context political comment. Same difference, yeah?

  • Airsank

    I’m sure they bonded over a shared love of magic mushrooms and the slowly declining quality of their artistic output.

  • konflictofinterest

    @Airsank: Oof, dude. Oof.

  • Nicolars

    Not enough misogny or pretentious references to commedia dell’arte.