Liner Notes: Bay City Rollers Members Are Plaid As Hell

Mar 21st, 2007 // 5 Comments

baycity.jpg- Six former Bay City Rollers have filed suit against Arista, claiming the label deprived them of their S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y rights to twenty-five years’ worth of royalties. [AP]
- Producer Dallas Austin has apologized for–though not retracted–the caught-on-tape claim that Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone slept with producers to get the best tracks. [NME]
- Hip-hop group Jurassic 5 has gone the way of the dodo. [CMJ]


  1. Silverfuture

    I was never really a J5 fan, but I seem to remember that everyone in the group trew a fit when Cahli 2na and Cut Chemist recorded (or possibly toured with?) Ozomatli. I really hope that this mean those two can jump back into the Ozomatli camp. The first time I saw them live I was really dissapointed by the fact the the MC inserted his newly written rhymes into the songs instead of Chali 2na’s verses.

  2. Silverfuture

    @Silverfuture: One day I will learn to proofread.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    What do Scots have against exposing their ears? There isn’t a single visible lobe.

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