Stuck On Repeat: Je Suis France Has A Certain–How You Say?–<i>Je Ne Sais Quoi</i>

Mar 21st, 2007 // 1 Comment

suis.jpgAfrikan Majik–the upcoming record from Georgia psych-pop-punksters Je Suis France–landed on our desks Monday morning, and it’s been on repeat ever since. This is partly because we like it, and partly because Majik is one of the most weirdly all-over-the-place records we’ve heard in a long time: It opens with a 13-minute Krautrock jam, ends with a reverb-heavy reggae shuffle, and hits pretty much every other genre along with the way. It’s hard to demonstrate that with just a handful of tracks, but we’ll try:

Je Suis France – Whalebone [MP3, link expired]
Je Suis France – That Don’t Work That Well For Us [MP3, link expired]
Je Suis France [MySpace]


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