Scooch, There It Is: Which British Band Has The Most Nonsensical Name?

Mar 26th, 2007 // 6 Comments

scooch.jpgRemember a few years back, when seemingly every new British band was dubbed themselves “The” something? There was the Buffseeds, the Parkinsons, the Music, the Who, etc. That particular strain of moniker moronity may be behind us, but if reading the British music magazines has taught us anything, it’s that a new titular disorder has befallen the U.K.–one in which bands give themselves the most goofily childish names they can muster.

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  1. Jon W

    That album cover is sub-Len!

  2. konflictofinterest

    GCWCF is the new CHYSY.

  3. kiteless

    Is nobody out there familiar with the really “european” (cmon, you know what that means) electronic band ‘Scooter’? They were terrible before terrible was awesome and noteworthy.

  4. DY34

    @ kiteless:

    Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! I know Scooter! And I effing love them. There is nothing more satisfying for a small club dj, after a whole night of Salif Keita, Brothers Johnson and M/J Jackson, to get the floor exploding at 4 a.m. when putting on “Move Your Ass”.
    That happy hardcore stomper with the unforgettable lyrics: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice!”

    my vote goes that Cape’n'Fly band, btw.

  5. tigerpop

    From a copyediting standpoint, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. really is the most obnoxious name ever. Still, I kinda like it.

  6. MJ

    Scooch sounds like cooch.

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