Listening Station: The Swedish Invasion Continues With The Mary Onettes

Mar 22nd, 2007 // 1 Comment

maryonettes.jpgSlowly, but surely, our new-MP3 selection is going to contain at least a 30% quota of bands from Sweden at all times–even when our defenses toward them seem, at first, strong. We were somewhat lukewarm on “The Void,” from the Göthenburg quartet The Mary Onettes, on initial listen, but its nostalgia-tugging elements, from the rainy-day guitars to the shrewd use of falsetto to the shoutout to “The Killing Moon,” wore us down with each subsequent spin.

The Mary Onettes – Void [MP3, link expired; via Indie MP3 - Keeping C86 Alive!]
The Mary Onettes [MySpace]


  1. KingCool

    Ok so these guys must LOVE early CURE based on this track. That bassline is so evocative of “Killing An Arab” AND “Catching Someone Else’s Train” as to be more than coincidence. At least it doesn’t suck as bad as “Lips of an Angel”!

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