This Hinder Remix Is Going To Result In A Lot Of Panic At The Disco

Mar 22nd, 2007 // 8 Comments

hinder.jpgThanks to our semi-regular gym attendance, we’ve heard our fair share of high-energy mixes that have sounded a bit off, with U2′s “Walk On” taking the prize for the strangest. But yesterday while spinning through POPtastic!, which has helped us track down pop gems by lasses hailing from Hawaii and Canada, we found a remix that we’d never dreamed we’d see, the source of which is an Oklahoman band that isn’t unknown around these parts. Download, listen, and tell us if any DJ who dares to spin this will emerge from his booth unscathed at the end of the night:

Hinder – Lips Of An Angel (Jason Nevins Radio Edit) [MP3, link expired; via POPtastic!]

  1. Barry White Stripes, Office LW

    This was on the dance station here in Phoenix. Quite possibly the worst thing I’ve heard recently. Can I just go back to cringing when Gwen would yodel at me? Even better, can I just have Shirley Manson purr into my ear for a while???

  2. Chris Molanphy

    This actually improves the song. It’s still shit, but it’s treadmill-at-the-gym-worthy shit. It also (seriously) reveals the few assets the song does possess – the chorus melody, mainly, which even I’ll confess is pretty solid.

    Mostly what I can’t stand about “LoaA” is the stomach-turning lyric – now less audible – and Winkler’s cock-rock voice – now less noticeable. So I’d say it improves the song from a 1.0 to a 3.0 on a 10-scale.

  3. bambino

    Without listening to it, I can’t believe jason nevins did a remix for FUCKING HINDER. This is the same man who brought back Run-DMC with a chunky, block-rocking, pose-grabbing, drum-padding remix of “It’s like that” not very long ago. I’m disappointed.

  4. pandabear

    seeing as how most Hinder fans (and probably all of Hinder themselves) most likely think dance music is for “fags”, I fail to see the crossover appeal.

  5. ghostyhead

    Dammit, Jason Nevins, what happened to you? That had to be the most bland, generic, by-the-numbers remix I’ve ever heard.

    Oh, right. It’s a Hinder song. I guess that makes sense now.

  6. KurticusMaximus

    Well, given the source material, it’s not all bad.

    Maybe Mr. Nevins thought he wasn’t being challenged enough or something.

  7. DeeJayQueue

    I couldn’t even get that into a set. It’s too slow, too bland, too compressed, too mushy.

    I remember when Jason Nevins had cred. Now it seems like he’s been replaced by a JasonNevinsomater3000. Just insert CD of crap band, press play and out pops a remix in 10 minutes.

  8. konflictofinterest

    Haters, all of you.

    I LIKE “Lips of An Angel”. What, does all the ’80s-revival, high hat shuffle bullshit NOT apply to sweet, drippy pop-metal power ballads, too?

    I like, NAY, I LOVE this song. This dance remix is also entertaining.

    Yes. I am a terrible human being. Give me your worst.

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