The Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year Race: Björk Has An Umlaut Of Explaining To Do

bjorkcover.jpgWe thought the competition would dry up after Canibus’ contribution last week, but Björk tops that with this weird entry, in which she places an Elvis wig on “Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year” competitor Joss Stone and sets her on fire.

  • katesilver

    Don’t forget Grinderman.

  • Dr. Jerry Donkey Punch

    I like it.

  • Leto

    I know I’m going to forgive her in a few hours, but…

  • Jeff Weiss

    Proving once again that Wynona Ryder’s finest contribution to humanity was not her performance in heathers and Reality Bites, but rather her imitation of BJORK on SNL celebrity jeopardy. Buzzer!!!!

  • The Mozfather

    I love ya Bjork, but I don’t know if this cover will be very proudly displayed in my house.

  • chrisb

    It looks like she’s holding someone’s entrails… like Bjork just went berserk on somebody.

  • KeBove

    Sorry, but I’ve gotta defend Bjork here. I like the cover.

  • Maura Johnston

    It would be better if the flames were actually made from macaroni that had been spray-painted gold.

  • binaryan

    this cover RULES.

  • kiteless

    Doesn’t bjork get a free pass on matters like these? We have to remember that she’s only a visitor to this planet and should be greatful for *anything* she gives us. When she’s gone, we’ll all be crying spray painted gold macaroni tears of sorrow.

  • NickEddy

    Matthew Barney signed off? Jeff Koons, maybe.

  • noamjamski

    This cover looks like it was optimized to pop on an iPod screen. I wonder if this will be a continuing trend?

  • nicoel

    Did you forget she’s Bjork?

  • trrill

    An authoritative source says that this is almost certainly not the cover. And some Photoshop sleuthing of a hi-res version I have reveals a hastily erased/blurred object between her hands, as well as a window or some object off to the left. Most of the surrounding environment has been blacked-out, as well. This font will most likely be used, as it appears to be the work of M/M Paris, with whom Björk has worked before.

  • trrill

    Also, those flames are clearly a Photoshop effect. Before there was a “Björk” added to the top, there was a version of this image with only the photo and the flames, and if you’ll notice, the flames have been formed with the intention of spelling out not only “Volta” but “björk” on top of the T in Volta. Not even the most retarded artist would put the artist’s name on the album cover twice. Björk-related art/aesthetic is quite ordered and intelligent.

  • brasstax

    I think this is a great cover, including the industrial macaroni font!

  • Babydangler

    Count me among the the readers who actually think the new cover is actually kinda cool. C’mon, it’s Björk – were you expecting a Glamourshot?

    Plus, the album title is spelled out in FIRE!

  • sparkletone

    I’m not big on the typeface used, but I like the picture itself. However, in most matters Björk, kiteless has it right.

  • Vitamin B12

    “in which she places an Elvis wig on ‘Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year’ competitor Joss Stone and sets her on fire.”

    I believe that alone disqualifies it from this competition.

  • Chris Molanphy

    It reminds me of Cartman’s Trapper Keeper toward the end of that South Park episode, after it had subsumed everything (including Cartman) into itself, and was about to die trying to ingest Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Dickdogfood

    It’s like what would happen if Kate Bush was an ashamed furry!

  • Friday_Low

    While it looks like Lisa Frank threw up on this cover, Canibus’ is still the biggest eyesore.

  • pchc_lx

    i like it

  • Chief Wahoo

    The emperess has no clothes.

  • kisstheflo0r

    FIRST OF ALL- this isn’t the album cover. i bought it. it’s red. with a sticker of her wearing a cool suit somebody made for her. (bernard willhelm)
    i think it’s rad. why are we complaining about it? it’s bjork.