Akon Inspires Fierce “Love Vs. Sex” Debate On iTunes Store

Mar 23rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

iwannaloveyou.jpgFans of Akon’s “I Wanna Love You” who decided to buy the explicit version of Konvicted from iTunes have been shocked–shocked! at the swearing-allowed version of the song, in which the title’s verb is changed from “love” to something a bit more primal. To protest, they’re going the Web 2.0 route and leaving irritated screeds on the album’s iTunes Store entry. A typical comment comes from Concerned_one:

Usually when a song is made “clean” it just eliminates the “naughty” words, but on a song like “I Wanna Love You” it completely changes the meaning. I assume that the explicit version is the original. But the clean version equates F*^#$ing with Love. this is not the case.

Love is something that is respectable and honest. this song is just about a moral-less man’s desire to satisfy his overactive libido the song by itself is poorly written, does not offer the listener anything beyond a misogynistic attitude set to a crappy beat. but the Worse disservice is the way it equates the tasteless lyrics in the original version with the “clean lyrics”

Looks like someone was forced to do a last-minute change to their wedding song! Anyway, there are pages and pages of this, and the debate veers all over the place, from intimiations about Akon’s sex life being unsatisfying to a debate over whether Akon should be compared to Phil Collins. It makes for much better reading than the song’s Wikipedia talk page, that’s for sure.

Konvicted (Exclusive Version) [iTunes]

  1. MJ

    Well, Akon’s whiny voice singing so longingly about wanting to fuck the first stripper he sees does give you the idea that he’s rather desperate for sex.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    This is one of those periodic cases where the uncensored version’s lyrics are so distracting that the clean version is clearly superior.

    The best example of this of all time in hip-hop is Jigga’s “Can I Get A,” which really is just better as “What-What” than “Fuck You.”

  3. brainchild

    the greatest clean version ever in hip-hop is hands down ODB’s “Brooklyn Zoo”

  4. pandabear

    I’m still trying to figure out who is getting fucked here.

  5. blobby

    I completely agree with dennisobell. Another instance of distracting lyrics is Jesus Walks, which sounds a whole lot better in the clean version without people chanting “niggas” on the the hook. Or maybe that’s just cuz I’m white.

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