Bono’s New Look Leaves Us Numb

Mar 26th, 2007 // 4 Comments

bonoorb.jpgThe U2 frontman–shown here at last night’s ECHO awards ceremony in Berlin–ditches his traditional red-tinted eyewear in favor of the all-seeing SuperOrbTM, which can indentify press-loving U.N. officials and mentor-needy alt-rockers from up to thirty yards away.

[Photo: Getty Images]

  1. chrisb

    Doesn’t Bono have some sort of light sensitivity condition, which is why he’s always seen wearing the red glasses? Maybe this is some newfangled medical device.

  2. NickEddy

    And why is he seemingly holding up the one end of his award with a Ben and Jerry’s pint lid?

  3. Pete the Chop

    Clearly the man has been given one too many awards.

  4. 30f

    Bono doesn’t want to hear about the shortage of Cherry Garcia.

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