Leak Of The Day, Part Two: Karen O, Kool Keith Lick It Up

Mar 27th, 2007 // 5 Comments

karenokool.jpgWe haven’t a clue why the Karen O-Kool Keith collaboration “The Teaser” is hitting the Web right now: After all, according to this MTV.com article, the song was recorded two years ago for a porn-music soundtrack that, so far as we can tell, was never released. The song is about as strange as you’d expect, with Karen and Keith talking about how much they love ice cream. They are talking about ice cream, right?

Karen O. & Kool Keith – The Teaser (Original) [MP3, link expired]

  1. sarahrose

    why is everyone too cool for this song? let’s be real, it’s catchy. i’m not saying it’s the fucking white album but let’s park the high horses and chill out for a second. damn hipsters.

  2. Robbie Analog

    The thing about Kool Keith — You’re either on board or you absolutely detest the man. Personally, I think this is about on the same level as most of his offerings (which is to say it’s brilliant).

  3. bentrup

    i dont understand why there’s so much hating on this song. i think it’s absolutely brilliant… there should be so many more indie rock/hip hop interactions. i was just reading p.o.s. might do an album with craig finn, and that would be amazing… sure, keith’s raps here aren’t as good as dr. octagon, but it’s an effing porn soundtrack. the idea of play, of trying new things out, should be what we’re encouraging in music. i think it’s phenomenal, and i wish the rest of the album would leak as well.

  4. rapeface

    solid fucking gold. you douchebags in billyburg better zip up your ironic member’s only jackets and brace yourself against the blizzard of shit coming out of your 1st gen iPod. oooh, três chic you antidisestablishmentarian. try not to spend all the money your mom sends you for rent on PBR.

  5. sarahrose

    @rapeface: i like what you’re putting down, rapeface. i never thought i’d type that but it’s true.

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