Aggregated Assault: What The Music Blogs Are Posting Right Now

Mar 27th, 2007 // 1 Comment

finnnn.jpg- Someday, someone should compile all of jefitoblog’s Idiot’s Guides into a book, or at least a CD-ROM. The latest installment is on the elder of the Finn brothers, Tim. [jefitoblog]
- Three unheralded tracks from the Emotions. [The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff]
- The 10-year anniversary of Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space is coming up, and boy, do we feel old. [An Aquarium Drunkard]
- Two tracks from the incredible Japanese duo Afrirampo. [undomondo]

  1. kiteless

    @noamjamski: Don’t forget about Pure Phase and Lazer Guided Melodies. Amazing in their own unique ways. Ladies and Gentlemen is one of the top 3 albums of the 90′s. The other non-debatable being ok computer. Feel free to choose the last one.

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