Shred Of Dignity: Putting Unwanted Promo CDs To Rest

Mar 27th, 2007 // Comment

betteroffpit.jpgRecently, the Idolator flophouse was gifted with a menacing-looking new CD shredder–nicknamed “Dicey”–and it’s been instrumental in clearing our workspace of unwanted promotional discs. We’ve decided to start cataloging some of Dicey’s conquests, and since capturing executions via cameraphone seem to be all the rage these days, we’re happy to share the NSFW proceedings:

THE VICTIM: A CD-single of Pitbull’s “Tell Me.”
PUNISHABLE OFFENSES: We’re not the types to complain about getting free crap in the mail, but really–is there a bigger waste of postage, paper, and glue than CD-single mass-mailings? After all, the odds are pretty good that we already have the album, and even if we didn’t, we’re pretty sure there are other, less wasteful delivery methods available to those wishing to ply us with the latest Pitbull single (which, by the way, is pretty good).
DID IT DIE WITH HONOR?: Even though “Tell Me” is a slow jam, this disc was noisier and clunkier than previous Shred Of Dignitaries, and its cacophonic demise sent the Idolator flophouse guard-cat scrambling under the couch.

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