On The Flippity-Flop: Man … Or Astro-Man? Get Interplanetary With It

Mar 27th, 2007 // 2 Comments

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ARTIST: Man … Or Astro-Man?
SONG: “Interplanet Janet”
FIRST APPEARANCE: School House Rock Rocks! compilation, 1996
WHY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN A-SIDE: This covers compilation saluting the Saturday-morning interstitials that taught kids about the galaxy, the government, and grammar came out shortly after Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits, and it was full of college-rock favorites like Pavement, Chavez, and, um, Blind Melon. But Man … Or Astro-Man? picked the perfect song to showcase their outer-space surf, with vocals that sounded like they were recorded in the hangar of a rickety rocket and a lead guitar line that had its own gravity issues. This cover never fails to put a big, huge grin on our face, and not just because it brings us back to our footed-pajama days.

Man … Or Astro-Man? – Interplanet Janet [MP3, link expired]
DELUXX BONUS TRACK: Deluxx Folk Implosion – I’m Just A Bill [MP3, link expired]
Man … Or Astro-Man? [Official site]


  1. chrisb

    Nice. I went to college with these guys. Some of my fondest memories are watching them perform in some poor student’s living room in a tiny house on the edge of campus. During their set, they’d throw Little Debbie snacks into the audience, and the guitarist would amp a toy lasergun thru his guitar strings. We’d bounce up and down until the floor started springing like a trampoline. Man, I miss those days.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    Wait. Chrisb…are you from Auburn, too? Are you talking about the house on the corner of Samford and Gay (I forgot the dude’s name now…Green Day played there!) or the Clown House? I would go to those jamz when I was in high school there. A great time, for sure.

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