The Best Part About Sanjaya’s Hairdo: It’s Not A Mohawk–It’s <i>Seven Ponytails</i>


For luck, you know.

(And yes, he sang “Bathwater.”)

UPDATE: As requested, we’ve posted a side view. It’s after the jump.


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  • brasstax

    I love how the judges and Seacrest are now all “yeah, basically you do whatever you want to do, you stink but we don’t care because you’re hanging around the competition anyway.”

  • nicoel

    I’m really hoping this is enough of a misstep to keep the evangelical teenage voters off the phones.

  • zibby

    I’m voting for him. The whole exercise is pointless anyway, we may as well have some lulz.

  • NickEddy

    I don’t watch Idol so am not caught in the thrall of this, but it’s amazing that so much attention is paid to this show when it’s yet another reason the record biz is in its death throes. It’s sort of fall of Rome stuff, like NASCAR.

    This kid is famous already, and even when he loses he will be put in a studio with some hack and put out a Brian McKnight cover or something and when THAT tanks, some ill-informed Times piece will cite this whole Sanjaya thing along with Tia Tequila (too lazy to go see what her name is) as more evidence the industry is dying. Opposite a think piece on “Fifty Years of ‘Marquee Moon’”.

    I don’t know, I haven’t had enough caffeine to precis my thoughts on this. It’s all just awful.

  • rad_matter

    Sanjay’s almost rockin’ the Vulpix do. He needs a ‘lil help on the bangs, though.

  • rad_matter

    @rad_matter: Sanjaya. You know what I mean.

  • Hamm Beerger

    @NickEddy: If Sanjaya and Tila can kill an entire industry by themselves it didn’t deserve to live anyway.

  • The Gigante

    I actually respect the guy a bit more after this. Imagine being the biggest joke in america at 17 (high school was bad enough with 300 kids- can you imagine alone 35 million people laughing at you) now it seems he is just saying i am goingt o push this as far as i can and see how bad it can get before it finally breaks. Its like performance art. Bad performance art.

  • calamityjake

    You really need the profile view to understand the true majesty of the coif.

  • highlifer

    People that Sanjaya can sing better than who have actual real records coming out.
    1. J. Lo
    2. Isaac Brock (he is a great songwriter, but singer?)
    3. Patti Smith
    4. Hillary Duff

    Go, Sanjaya.
    And someone please kill the guy who murdered “Love Song”

  • Maura Johnston

    @Jake: Done and done.

  • pandabear

    @The Gigante: Isn’t the phrase ‘bad performance art’ redundant?

  • plasticaisle

    Oh dear God.

    That stupid girl on the hunger strike must be freaking out right about now. America loves its gimmmicks and people will vote for him again just cuz they want to see what he’ll do next. Maybe he’ll reveal that he has a vagina!

    I say let her starve.

  • janine

    Shucks, Nick. I gotta say (with admiration) I thought I hated stuff, but you really hate a lot of things, man. Don’t you also hate Guitar Hero? jeez.

  • FionaScrapple

    The terrorists have won.

  • nonce

    @highlifer: It’s the whole “vocal personality” thing. I’d rather listen to a “bad” singer with an interesting voice (Brock, Smith, Newsom, Smith, Waits, Cobain, Bjork, etc.) than someone more Celine Dionish.

    That’s not what AI is about, of course, but Sanjaya is neither slickly good nor interesting (except as performance art).

    And, not all performance art is bad, just 90% of it. The same proportion of good to bad singers on the current AI season.

  • nonce

    Uh, yeah, so Patti Smith is so bad/interesting I guess I had to name her twice. Oops.

  • chrisb

    At this point, I want him to stick around just to see what he does with his hair next week.

  • PacificLight

    Sanjaya is laughing at us, I love it. We’re mesmerized. He realized he jumped the shark so far he’s gone around the world and fell back where he started. I love the counter-backlash.

  • ozacrot

    I meticulously avoid watching American Idol, but is this one of those Jesse Camp things?

  • joe bananas

  • dollywould

    Was Gwen the one crying this week?