Former Mest Frontman Freed, Album Of Ex-Loathing Songs Forthcoming

Mar 28th, 2007 // 1 Comment

lovato2.jpgAnthony Lovato, the former Mest lead singer who was arrested earlier this week for allegedly stabbing another man, Wayne Hughes, in a Southern California parking lot, had all charges against him dismissed yesterday. Prosecutors determined that Lovato had acted in self-defense; Lovato and Hughes had apparently been romantic rivals for over a year, and Hughes challenged Lovato to a fight on Sunday. Lovato is set to release a statement on Friday, but one thing’s for sure: This whole incident is surely going to inspire at least two albums’ worth of emo-soaked bile against the ex-girlfriend. Sometimes, you take creative inspiration wherever you can find it.

Punk rocker freed after fatal stabbing in L.A [Reuters]
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  1. Emerson Dameron

    Next Panic! At the Disco career move: Kill a dude.

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