Stuck On Repeat: The Picture Reaches For The Big Star

Mar 28th, 2007 // 1 Comment

posted “So Many Days” by the Brooklyn powerpop outfit The Picture a month ago–forever in music-blog time–but something about it just clicked for us today. It’s got huge drums, beautifully cresting guitars, and some harmonies on the chorus that are straight out of the Power Pop 101 playbook. They have a few more songs on their MySpace page, if “So Many Days” whets your appetite (who knows, maybe someone can help them out with all the comment spam they’ve been getting):

The Picture – So Many Days [MP3, link expired; via Hits In The Car]
The Picture [MySpace]

  1. zaxxon25

    For a second I though this would be a retrospective of early 90′s band This Picture.

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