The Vault: The Animal Attraction Of Eugenius

Mar 28th, 2007 // 8 Comments

moogenius.jpgSemi-infamous for being one of Kurt Cobain’s favorite bands, Glasgow’s Eugenius never had got a fair shake here in the states: Not only did frontman Eugene Kelly have to live up to the expectations of Nirvana fans–most of whom probably weren’t expecting the group to be so bright and fuzzy–but he also had to please fans of his old band, the now-lionized Vaselines. As it turns out, both groups pretty much missed out on 1992′s Oomalama, as it came and went pretty quickly, and is now residing in dollar bins around the country–despite great songs like these:

Eugenius – Oomalama [MP3, link expired]
Eugenius – Breakfast [MP3, link expired]
Eugenius – Flame On [MP3, link expired]


  1. Deadly Tango

    Also, there was the whole “Captain America -> Eugenius” name change, courtesy of Marvel Comics, which delayed the domestic US release quite a bit. “Flame On” was part of a pretty fantastic import 12″ that I preferred to the album.

  2. noamjamski

    Flame on was such a good song!

    I remember Mary Queen of Scots being awesome too.

    @coolfer: Dude, The Concept is like the world’s most perfect power pop song, even if it didn’t its proper respect in the mainstream. “She said she won’t be forced against her will/Said she won’t do drugs, but she does the pill.” Damn that gives me goosebumps. I know a lot of people worship all the later-era Fanclub, but Bandwagonesque was totally my favorite.

    I was also 15 or 16 at the time……..

  3. DJorn

    Can’t believe you didn’t post “Bed-In”. Great record, good times.

    Interesting music note: a songs all flow together so pleasantly because they’re all in the same key. D major, I think.

  4. Lucas Jensen

    That thing was in dollar bins in 1996. I bought it then and have loved it long time.

  5. Brian Raftery

    @coolfer: If we start going down the Teenage Fanclub route, we may never be able to return. Seeing that our commenters seem to enjoy a) ’90s alt-rock, b) power-pop and c) Scottish rock, we would probably have to do 12 posts on the group’s first three records alone.

  6. Roy

    I saw these guys open for Urge Overkill at the Academy in the early 1990s. They put on a great show as an opening act and got a good reaction from a tough NYC crowd. I still keep “Blue Above the Rooftops” in my iPod. A very talented band.

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