Leak Of The Day, Part III: Timbaland Finally Gets To Hook Up With M.I.A.

Mar 28th, 2007 // 3 Comments

mia.jpgDiscobelle has an MP3 of “Come Around,” the Timbaland/M.I.A. collaboration that’s only being released with the import edition of Shock Value. We’ve only given it a few spins, but it’s already better than the Elton John track (not a hard task, but still).

Timbaland feat. M.I.A. – Come Around [MP3, link removed]


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  2. Reg!

    Just by the fact its halfway original sounding, makes this the best song on the album(well I guess the UK album).

    For such a talented producer, Timbaland sure scrapped the bottom of his Mac for the tracks that made his album.

  3. MJ

    Wow, seems like M.I.A. taught Timbaland how to fit his syllables into the beat!

    This is my new “My Love”. I predict it will stay on my mp3 player for at least two weeks straight.

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