The Bravery Is Running Scared On MySpace

Mar 28th, 2007 // 18 Comments


A post on the Velvet Rope tipped us off to the fact that Village Voice faves The Bravery had a new song, “Time Won’t Let Me Go,” up on their MySpace page, and in the interest of “journalism,” we went over to give the song a listen. At around the two-minute mark, when we came to the realization that Sam Endicott is now going the constipated-Robert-Smith route as far as his vocal delivery, the song started to fade out–and it was at the 2:14 mark, when playback stopped, that we noticed the “Full song available at iTunes” note on the MySpace player. Seriously, who does that? Is the band really so terrified of people streaming the whole song, and realizing that it’s terrible, that they’re forcing people to shell out 99 cents to hear it all? Or did they just run out of ideas midway through writing the song and decide to fade it out early to seem sort of edgy? (The weird thing is, both of these scenarios seem entirely plausible.)

The Bravery [MySpace, via Velvet Rope]


  1. dollywould

    KROQ has it in rotation now. According to their site, it’s the No. 9 most-played song on the station right now. I heard the whole thing yesterday. It’s as awful as expected.

  2. Tenno

    for some reason i LIKE two of their songs….i realize this means i have terrible taste but dammit, i like ‘subtle6′ also! shouldn’t that like, you know, make me cool?

  3. chrisb

    Sirius has been playing it on Alt Nation the last few days. I am forced to switch to Hits 1 every time that crap comes on… I’d rather risk my chances that I might have to listen to something like Avril Lavigne or Nickelback.

  4. Hallux Valgus


    Indie 103.1 has been playing the hell out of it as well. For some reason I hear that damn song at least (and I say that with absolutely no hyperbole) twice on my way home from work.

  5. stix

    Maybe because I don’t read crap like pitchfork/village voice, I never realized they were liked enough by anyone to be considered overrated. . .

    I mean, they’re just another stupid indie pop band right? Why all the hate? I downloaded their album once, I don’t think I’ve ever listened through the entire thing, but it’s catchy enough that I don’t mind when a track comes up on shuffle.

  6. Wasp vs Stryper

    The last time I saw The Bravery, Sam was so wasted he dropped the microphone three times. I also saw him and Steve from Hot Hot Heat fighting over some model at Motor City, and when he was starting to lose her interest, he went and sulked on the couch and put his head in hands, all tortured like.

    It is so so so easy to hate this band. And even easier to hate them as douches.

    But, douchery aside, they make nice gym/dont have a seat on the subway/am zoning out at work in front of my computer music.

    Its just a tad bit better when its free.

  7. omg

    suckiness notwithstanding, u can stream the whole song at

    and myspace players have been hacked to allow downloads.. hey everyone needs to make money right?

  8. mackro

    Bravery’s Advocate:

    The Myspace Player song encoding algorithm SUCKS TEH ASS!

    Maybe they didn’t play the whole song because the Myspace encoding screwed it up badly. I’ve heard so many good songs ruined by the Myspace Player quality playback.

    Or maybe the partial song was for the more rational reason of being teases. But still, consider the former reason, grain of salt it may be.

  9. stix

    @Wasp vs Stryper:
    ah, that makes sense.

    It’s a lot easier to be benevolent towards a band when the only thing they’ve cost me is the time it took to search oink :-o

  10. drjimmy11

    “KROQ has it in rotation now”

    Said it before, I’ll say it again- worst radio station in the world. One day they will be extradited to the musical equivalent of the Hague to be prosecuted for their crimes (Limp Bizkit, Korn, Linkin park, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc)

  11. drjimmy11

    Indie 103.1 has been playing the hell out of it as well. For some reason I hear that damn song at least (and I say that with absolutely no hyperbole) twice on my way home from work.

    When the radio station actually plays stuff based on its musical merit much of the time, the Payola jumps out that much more, doesn’t it?

  12. dollywould

    @drjimmy11: Re: KROQ – True, true. Add that to the fact that not one but TWO 30 Seconds to Mars tracks are in the top 20 most played. Shudder. I listen to Indie more, but usually I’m just jumping from station to station to station looking for something listenable. LA radio is a bit lacking at the moment.

  13. SideOneTrackOne

    I interviewed the Bravery at SXSW and asked them about file sharing since it played such a big part in helping them get their big break.

    The band was decidely candid about NO file sharing in regards to the new album and were instead only interested in streaming because it “allows people to hear it.” Why they would put up half a song is beyond me…

    You can still view the interview on the front page of my site,

  14. Faster

    Maybe they should just go back to being Scabba the Hut?

  15. Spongeworthy

    Fuck The Bravery. What kind of name is that anyway? I read an interview in the NY Daily News with them last year that basically held them up as the second coming or something and then they pretty much vanished. I only wish they were more consistent with the vanishing.

  16. brainchild

    not only have myspace players been hacked to allowed downloads, a lot of people just record streams then encode them.

    more people probably visit their myspace page on a daily basis than their label’s website, so it’s probably a way to drive traffic back to the label’s website.

  17. anthonyannoyance

    @faster – actually it was “Skabba the Hutt,” and they were not so bad. at least before they replaced the drummer and signer for not being cute enough. ok, not true, they were supposedly not good enough, but whatever. i don’t get why Sam pretends he is not 33 though. his whole goal in life was to get well known for music and he is doing it, so more power to him, a fellow vassar alum.

  18. mikeylikes

    Their post Skabba band the El Conquistadors wasn’t bad actually, because they didn’t take themselves too seriously. Once Endicott locked himself in his room studying day and night to reinvent himself as a the second coming of Morrissey, though, it was over. Naked ambition never sounded so bad.

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