Leak Of The Day, Part II: Mario Has A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite

Mar 29th, 2007 // 8 Comments

mariocove.jpg“Kryptonite,” the first single from R&B singer Mario’s upcoming Go album, is absolutely coconuts: Much like Omarion’s “Ice Box”, it’s a girl-i’m-so-sorry plea with zero restraint and a sputtering backing track that’s all but begging for multiple remixies. And just when you think it’s going to be a pleasant, American Idol-ready love song, Rich Boy shows up and complains about getting too much head. Song of the year? No. But maybe!

Mario feat. Rich Boy – Kryptonite [MP3, link expired]
Mario [MySpace]

  1. Bazooka Tooth

    With friends like Mario, who needs friends?

  2. Weezy F Baby

    white people.

  3. peabo

    rich boy getting too much head, haha! …cuz he has an enormous forehead right?
    that would have been a great joke if it was intentional
    and for the record i enjoy the diversity of the music covered here, even if its shitty music sometimes

  4. Richfourfour

    Yeah, I care. But then again, I can’t say that Pitchfork has brought me to numerous great bands, so what do I know?

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