Finally, A Coke Fest That Won’t Show Up On “Blue States Lose”

Mar 29th, 2007 // 1 Comment


From this week’s schedule of Final Four-related events in Atlanta. Now, we know that it’s celebrating a basketball tournament, but how can you have a musical celebration of “the Coke side of life” without the MisShapes?

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  1. chocomel

    oh come on, it’s a corporate event, why would LL insist on being the closer? he probably just wants to go in, do his 30, get paid, split, and hope that no one remembers he was even there.

    either that, or his deal also included tickets to that night’s game.

    i worked one of those things once. i wish i could remember the full lineup, but all I can recall is Buffalo Tom and Big Mountain.

    while i can’t recall all the performers, I have a distinct memory of that being the day someone explained the term “sausage fest” to me.

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