Live Nation Tries To Paint Over Its Uptight Corporate Image With Gaudy Psychedelic Paint

hippie-tie-dye.gifToday’s exercise in lousy rebranding comes from a press release unearthed by Philebrity:

With the launch of The Fillmore Philadelphia and The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, which opens its doors on April 11th, Live Nation hopes to establish a live music brand to complement its 11 House of Blues clubs across the country. Along with the Fillmore San Francisco, Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium is one of the company’s most successful mid-size venues.

There are so many things wrong with this one paragraph, we don’t know where to begin. (To start: Does anyone on the east coast under the age of 35 even care about the Fillmore “brand” anymore?) But talk about a mouthful of a name–”The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza”? We bet as many people will use that name as there are people who call, say, Jones Beach Theater the Tommy HilfigerNokia Nikon Theater At Jones Beach, which is to say: None.

(Also, how did Live Nation find it in themselves to resist the obvious “Fillmore-delphia” pun? Rock and roll, man. It’s just not as fun as it used to be anymore.)

Breaking: TLA To Be Renamed “The Fillmore Philadelphia” — No, Really! [Philebrity]

  • MTS

    Doesn’t matter what Live Nation wants to call it — it will always be the “TLGay” in my heart.

  • rinjonjori

    It will always be Irving Plaza, just like The New Ritz was always Studio 54 and Webster Hall is really The Ritz.

  • LooseLips

    you have to ask yourself WWBGD?

    What Would Bill Graham Do?

  • Seccotine

    I shed a quiet tear when Bill Graham Presents was sold to Live Nation.

    *sigh* Enjoy the apples, Philly.

  • LooseLips

    Will they be playing Greensleeves at the end of each show? I doubt it.

  • catdirt

    House of Blues San Diego is dead last in ticket sales… and- ths is the best part- they just fired the san diego booker, to be replaced by the booker from the house of blues anaheim.

  • Trackback

    Behold: new signage at the music venue once known—in a quaint, far-away time—as Irving Plaza. We linked to the above photo of it yesterday, but an email to the Curbed inbox has convinced us this glorious spot of branding deserves to be more widely seen.