“Tracks” Magazine Briefly, Weirdly Back On Track

Mar 29th, 2007 // 5 Comments

stingcover.jpgNot sure how we missed this, but apparently Tracks–the failed precursor to Paste that folded in 2005–was re-launched in blog form on January 14th, and then seemingly de-launched just two weeks later. Actually, we’re not entirely sure what the deal is here, except that the site’s “posts” appear to be archived articles from the magazine (plus some non-functioning podcasts). This is no doubt good news for Tracks contributors hoping to find their old clips online, but a bit of a nightmare for people who enjoy logically organized Web sites. Still, we have a word of warning to whomever’s running things there nowadays: You may not want to play up the Sting thing so much.

Tracks [tracksmusic.com]

  1. kiteless

    ahh Tracks magazine. I actually ran into an old high school friend on the 4 train once and asked her what she did. “I write for Tracks magazine”, was her reply. “Oh cool, so what have you seen/who have you heard/met, tell me a cool story” was what I asked. She replied that she didn’t even really like music and that I was always more into that “stuff” than she was. So logically I asked why should would take such a job. “I like the people”.

    Tracks Magazine : We’re Good People!

  2. LooseLips

    Sting looks like Michael Stipe with hair in that picture.

  3. Jude

    That headline reads incorrectly. It should say, “Sting: blue eyes hidden behind large green dollar signs”.

  4. Lucas Jensen

    I actually thought Paste just bought Tracks’ subscriber list when Tracks went under.

  5. Au$10

    Lucas is correct. Tracks wasn’t a precursor to Paste.

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