Indiepop Archive Brings The Kittens, Confetti, And Cuteness

Yes, we’ve dipped into the indiepop world once today, but this offering from the post-C86 fanzine-slash-label Waaah! was just too good to resist. As the fine blog Indie MP3 noted, Waaah!’s proprietor has digitized all of the music he released and put it online, marking his favorites with a teeny picture of a kitten. It’s seriously an indiepop gold mine, and as a sample, we’ve uploaded two tracks, including the lovely “Jenny” by the British Confetti:

Haywains – Dusty Springfield [MP3, link expired]
Confetti – Jenny [MP3]
waaahfront [, via Indie MP3 – Keeping C86 Alive!]

  • blger


    For some reason, I was expecting one of these MP3′s to feature Dusty Springfield singing about Hawaiian folks.

  • mike a

    Ah, Confetti. I think their compilation CD is still available – it’s the perfect mix of Young Marble Giants and Marine Girls (which, in 1991, was something new and untried). Anyone who writes a song called “Whatever Became of Alice and Jane?” wins my heart.