Leak Of The Day: Alanis’ “My Humps” Cover Is Still Funny, 24 Hours Later

Those of you whose senses of ’90s nostalgia and ’00s Fergie curiosity were equally tickled when we posted Alanis Morrissette’s “My Humps” cover yesterday should thank the tipster who e-mailed us an MP3 of the song last night. Yes, watching it without the video means that the satirical experience isn’t as full-spectrum, but just think of the looks that will come over your friends’ faces when they slowly realize just what song they’re hearing.

Alanis Morrissette – My Humps [MP3, link expired]
Where Are They Now? Alanis Morrissette [YCDTOTV.com]
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  • Feh Am Legend

    Nice. I was thinking as I watched how great this would be for shuffle-mode.

    By the by, the Tori Amos quip was spot on.

    I for one hope this starts the Alanis-backlash backlash, where we can all throw on JLP and fondly recall that at one time a fuckin’ lot of people thought it was a really good album. (Too soon?) And we can all have those same discussions as to what constitutes ironic. Anyway, she always seemed like a cool dame with a good sense of humor, even if her lyrics got increasingly preposterous.

  • brasstax

    I worked at a chain record store the summer that JLP came out, and in those 4 or 5 months I probably heard it no less than 3000 times. So I’m pretty sure I’ll never fondly recall anything about that one. However, I’ve never really hated on any of her other records too much. I’d totally welcome some kind of anti-backlash backlash.

  • crunktastik

    Punches and the popsong cover backlash…while artistes covering kitschy pop tunes is in the midst of a backlash (I think, John Darnielle refuses to play “the Sign” in concert), that fucking headbut made me loose my shit. Seriously. Loose my fucking shit!

  • stix

    “Is Still Funny…”

    No, it’s not.

    Scarring is what it is.

  • dollywould

    @brasstax: Me, too! I also remember a very irate mother coming into the store, yammering on about how we sold this “profane” album to her 12-year-old son. Ha.

  • Jupiter8

    JLP may be only second to “Pocketful of Kryptonite” in sheer numbers of $1 cds I stumble over at my NJ Meadowlands Flea market…

    That being said, this is about as amusing/clever as all those people doing covers of “Hit Me Baby One More Time”…

  • NickEddy

    I need the mp3 of that “Speak – the Hungarian rapper” thing that Pfork had the other day.

  • drjimmy11

    I for one hope this starts the Alanis-backlash backlash

    I started it a while ago. There is really nothing to dislike about her, when you get right down to it. And most of those things are arguably ironic, despite the feelings of that jackass english professor people continue to quote to this day.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @drjimmy11: I like Alanis fine, but whatever jackass English professor you’re remembering was dead right.

  • Ratmando

    I got the word about this from Alanis’ blog, thinking, “hmm, Alanis’ music + comedy = pretty good”, But when I got to the page, and found what it was the formula changed to:
    Alanis (parody + humps) ^irony + perky(commenting + MP3)x video = snorting out latte on the keyboard, and wiping it off the cat who was sitting on my lap a the time. Well, uhm. Gee, Thanks.