The Vault, Part II: Picking Up Cub’s “Chinchilla” And Taking It To New York City

cubinatub.jpgWe were scolded for omitting Cub’s “My Chinchilla” from our earlier post on the Canadian cuddlecorers, so in the interest of heeding our commenters’ wishes, here’s that track. To further our penance, we’ve also thrown in the band’s starry-eyed Big Apple serenade, which was so catchy that They Might Be Giants scooped it up for cover-song material:

Cub – My Chinchilla [MP3, link expired]
Cub – New York City [MP3, link expired]
Cub [MySpace]
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  • xjerryx

    My suggestion for the ultimate Cub track would be “Little Star”, which was covered by another band you should highlight, Sicko. Ah, I miss mid 90′s pop punk so much.

  • BeGee

    Thanks so much for making it right!

  • mike a

    If you go to their MySpace page, you can hear “Everything’s Geometry,” one of Cub’s greatest deep cuts. It features Lisa Marr’s odd countryish twang, which only began showing up here. Cub was always funnier and more substantial than they were made out to be.

  • mike a

    So seriously, when’s the Canadian Monsters of Twee tour? Cub could play with Gaze, Wandering Lucy and honorary Canadian Rose Melberg.

  • Anonymous

    [swoon]Oh, Robyn…[/swoon]

  • blger

    Thanks for posting this!
    Great to hear the original version of “New York City”.