Richards’ Snorting And Scoffing Gets Scottish Post-Rocker’s Nose Out Of Joint

In a move that’ll surely inspire the droniest dis tracks ever, a member of Mogwai has taken to the band’s blog to decry Keith Richards’ confession that he snorted his dad, and his follow-up assertion that as far as music goes, “There ain’t nothing out there that’s worth shit…. I listen to my shit, baby, Motörhead, reggae, Moroccan music. All kinds of shit.”

In an entry titled “Keith please cease breathing,” Mogwai’s Barry Burns writes:

Hi everyone. I just woke up to find that average blues guitar peddlar and all round unlikeable London pirate-like arsehole Keith Richard snorted his dad’s ashes on a drug binge. Well done Keith, you talentless publicity hungry horrible prick of the highest order. He then goes on to say modern bands are a load of old crap. Right, but can we really listen to the opinions of a nasal cannibal?

Keith, your band are possibly the worst band in the history of human events, worse even than Placebo and The Reynolds Girls combined. Your posh English singer sings with an American accent about a load of old American prostitutes he met once and your guitar licks are Grade F. The sooner you die the quicker my Ladbrokes bet comes in between you and McCartney you old dick. I hope you kick the bucket in the most humiliating of ways, like on the toilet and then being eaten by your own dog. Stop living and give us peace you attention seeking non relevant oxygen thief.


We don’t really have anything to add except this: The Reynolds Girls’ one hit, the Stock Aitken Waterman-produced “I’d Rather Jack,” contains a dis of the Rolling Stones in its chorus, making Burns’ entry even more cutting. However Richards responds, it’ll be really hard to find a song that speaks ill of Mogwai, no?

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