Those Of You Still Looking For The Guns N’ Roses MP3 Had Better Look Here

Apr 9th, 2007 // 4 Comments

axl.jpgA few months ago, we posted an MP3 of Guns N’ Roses’ “Better,” a song from the album that we’re all sick of hearing and joking about. We were asked to pull it down, and so we did, but it’s been brought to our attention that the nifty Internet Archive–the destination of choice for people trying to find their old-school Geocities Cupid fan pages–has apparently been storing web-spread MP3s, including “Better,” which you can find here. We’re sure long-time readers of the site are already so totally over this song, but considering the number of “WHERE IS GUNSNROSES TRAC??” emails we get a week, we just thought we’d point it out.

Guns N’ Roses – Better []

  1. Brian Raftery

    @shantyman: Good call. I hadn’t noticed that.

  2. shantyman

    This is actually the first leak (from March 2006 I believe), not the one you posted in February. You can tell because the second chorus is different.

  3. Anonymous

    I understand that ppl want leaks cause they been waiting for a long time for this album , but it show a severe lack of respect towards the artist , if he thinks his songs arent ready for release, there is a fucking reason, its nice to hear new stuff with axl’s voice but showing respect to an artist should be higher on your priority list, I am a musician myself and i know just how frustrating it could be to have people hear an unfinished product, wait to hear the album when its really done, the product will be of much higher quality than demo versions anyway.

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