Leak Of The Day, Part Two: Bjork Takes A Look At This Crumbling World

Apr 9th, 2007 // 14 Comments

“Earth Intruders” is the first song from Bjork’s Volta to make its way to the Internet, and it’s got a big, messy backbeat by Timbaland, additional percussion by the thumb-piano players Konono N°1, and the enigmatic Icelandic singer surveying the carnage that surrounds her:

Bjork – Earth Intruders [MP3, link removed]
Bjork [MySpace]
[Photo: AP]


  1. Xenu

    I want to like this, I really do, but I don’t know. I mean, anything’s better than Medúlla, which was little more than the world’s most elaborately produced haunted house background effects tape. But twee lyrics about some sort of branch-shaking aliens over a booty-shaking techno beat? It’s more like hearing one of those royalty-free soundalike tracks of a Post-era Björk song than getting something new from Björk, who, up until now has consistently morphed and grown her sound her while still maintaining her core style from album to album.

    Still, anything’s better than more Medúlla.

  2. nonce

    I love this, and I loved Medulla. (Loved it. Used to fall sleep listening to it every night.) Does that make me some sort of mindless fanboy? Yes! But between this and the new Parts & Labor I have reasons to get excited by music again and to think that all of Timbaland’s future beats should pass through Bjork’s hands before being farmed out.

  3. StevenPatrickMorrissey

    love this song. and count me in for someone who appreciated “medulla”. bjork’s having fun again and it shows on this single. this is the kind of song only bjork can pull off and it sounds so effortless on her part. she and timbaland are a better match than i think people realise.

  4. Jfrankparnell

    Yawn. It’s missing one thing: a guest verse by Kool Keith, which would be great, because he’d probably rhyme about wanting to pee in Bjork’s hand. Then it’d be exciting.

  5. Xenu

    I wonder if Björk taught Timbaland something to pass onto his next rumored collaborator: Madonna. (“Bedtime Story 2,” anyone?)

  6. sarahrose

    xenu, i’m totally with you on this one. i want to love this so much but it sounds exactly like everything else she’s ever done. i don’t agree with you about medulla, but this song sounds like reheated mac & cheese with a little timbaland sprinkled on top. not impressed. le sad.

  7. pchc_lx

    hmmmm….. i really liked medulla alot, but i don’t know what to say about this one. even her vocals seem a bit reigned in (when’s the last time she sang an entire line of lyric in the space of just one bar?) but i think timbo’s really painting by numbers here. not too impressed.

  8. King of Pants

    Reechard you are cute and nice, would you like to make moosic with me and perhaps cuddle aftar?
    …for the last time, no
    and you’re lucky I’m not banning you for asking me again, especially after you ripped off my logo
    * bJORK pouts

  9. KeBove

    This is actually the radio edit. The full version, which is about a minute longer, is here:


  10. Xenu

    If you ever get close to an alien, and aaaaaalien behaaaaavior!

    And cue the giant teddy bear with antennae…

  11. Jupiter8

    Are you still considered a “pixie” when you are in your 40s?

  12. King of Pants

    Damnation, that didn’t format correctly.

  13. spazandmojo

    is it just me or are her vocals an endless loop… same thing, over and over and over and over and over

  14. sparkletone

    @Jupiter8: Perhaps we should ask Kim Deal….

    More generally: I really, really like the song (the full version, not the chopped down shorter one). I liked Medulla, but it’s not my favorite Björk album. If the rest of Volta is this good or better, it should really be a hell of a piece of work.

    All this makes me more excited to see her in Chicago in May.

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