Clutchy Hopkins: The Sorta-Mystery Continues


Yesterday, one of our readers looked into the enigma that is Clutchy Hopkins, a mysterious nomad who’s purportedly churning out beats while living in a California cave. It’s clearly a media hoax of some sort, and while readers have been tossing all sort of possible names out (The Beastie Boys? DJ Shadow? On-set prankster Mel Gibson?), one amateur sleuth thinks he’s figured it all out.

Here’s what Patrick Snajder over at A World of Logical Consequences has pieced together:

– Because Clutchy is based in California, it’s probably not the work of NYC natives the Beastie Boys. – Clutchy’s representatives are apparently not DJ Shadow in disguise. And a Clutchy ambassador denied to Idolator that Shadow was behind it. They could be lying, of course, but the whole point of a good hoax is to mislead the public without actually lying. – Two Idolator commenters have posted suspiciously PR-like missives regarding Clutchy. – After Googling the handle of one commenter, Snajder found another suspiciously PR-like post, this time for Robert Randolph and the Family Band. – Robert Randolph and the Family Band is on Warner Bros. – Cut Chemist on on Warner Bros. – Hence instrumentalist Clutchy Hopkins = instrumentalist Cut Chemist.

Granted, it’s just a working theory, and one that can be undercut for a number of facts, including a) Mike D spends a lot of time in L.A., where he lives with his wife; b) Warner Bros. has a huge stable of artists, and the department handling Randolph might not be the same one handling Cut Chemist; c) our PR-like commenters might just really, really like Clutchy Hopkins. No matter what the answer, this much is clear: We are probably driving you all crazy with this stuff.

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