Clutchy Hopkins: The Sorta-Mystery Continues

clutchypic.jpgYesterday, one of our readers looked into the enigma that is Clutchy Hopkins, a mysterious nomad who’s purportedly churning out beats while living in a California cave. It’s clearly a media hoax of some sort, and while readers have been tossing all sort of possible names out (The Beastie Boys? DJ Shadow? On-set prankster Mel Gibson?), one amateur sleuth thinks he’s figured it all out.

Here’s what Patrick Snajder over at A World of Logical Consequences has pieced together:

- Because Clutchy is based in California, it’s probably not the work of NYC natives the Beastie Boys.
- Clutchy’s representatives are apparently not DJ Shadow in disguise. And a Clutchy ambassador denied to Idolator that Shadow was behind it. They could be lying, of course, but the whole point of a good hoax is to mislead the public without actually lying.
- Two Idolator commenters have posted suspiciously PR-like missives regarding Clutchy.
- After Googling the handle of one commenter, Snajder found another suspiciously PR-like post, this time for Robert Randolph and the Family Band.
- Robert Randolph and the Family Band is on Warner Bros.
- Cut Chemist on on Warner Bros.
- Hence instrumentalist Clutchy Hopkins = instrumentalist Cut Chemist.

Granted, it’s just a working theory, and one that can be undercut for a number of facts, including a) Mike D spends a lot of time in L.A., where he lives with his wife; b) Warner Bros. has a huge stable of artists, and the department handling Randolph might not be the same one handling Cut Chemist; c) our PR-like commenters might just really, really like Clutchy Hopkins. No matter what the answer, this much is clear: We are probably driving you all crazy with this stuff.

Just Who Is Clutchy Hopkins? [A World of Logical Consequences]
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  • DJorn

    Snajder’s right about one thing: Heckler 79 is definitely part of the gag. I just ordered Clutchy’s record from his website and the confirmation email came from heckler79(at)aol.

  • smithman

    Did I miss it or has nobody mentioned Madlib yet? This seems exactly like one of his personae.

  • Elastic Syntax

    I bought the CD, too. Receipt came from heckler2313. Check out what heckler2313 has been buying from ebay: The first item is a snake charmer flute, bought Feb 27. The same flute played on the second Myspace video by “Teddy Lebrea.”

  • gwai lo

    Can I throw out DJ Panzah Zandahz? He’s a Cut Chemist fan. He used that MF Doom track on Me and This Army…

  • clutchyFam

    @DJorn: @DJorn: Bottom line….Is the music good?

  • Heckler79

    You can only completely find yourself when you find yourself truly lost. The Life of Clutchy Hopkins is only the first of many works to come from this ever-changing legend that has become known as CLUTCHY HOPKINS. We hope you don’t sleep on this groundbreaking movement that may just revolutionize the way the world percieves the evolution of funk. Please contact with anything questions, comments, or support. One can only see the light in complete darkness. Diggers never sleep; sleepers never dig.

  • Trackback

    We’ve been somewhat intrigued by the whole Clutchy Hopkins mini-investigation that’s been going on over at Idolator for the past couple of weeks (see their posts here, here, and here).

  • DJorn

    @clutchyFam: I’ll let you know whent he record shows up. Nice comment handle… care to elaborate?