The Vault: The Sharply Defined Sound Of Razorcuts

Apr 10th, 2007 // 1 Comment

razorcuts.jpgWe know, we know: Enough already with the ’80s jangle-pop limeys. And believe us when we say that we’re really trying to cut down. But there are jabagillions of these groups in our collection, and they always sound good when they pop up on random, and besides, wouldn’t it be great if some 14-year-old kid takes a listen to the breezy “I’ll Still Be There” after mistaking Razorcuts for that other similarly named band? It could send aforementioned hypothetical kid into a C86-buying frenzy! Not that you can easily buy a lot of these records anymore. But still:

Razorcuts – I’ll Still Be There (Single Version) [MP3, link expired]
Razorcuts – Big Pink Cake [MP3, link expired]
Razorcuts – Sorry To Embarrass You [MP3, link expired]


  1. Niles

    These guys are, far and away, my favorite of the ’80s Creation-type bands. If there’s ever been a better janglepop song than “Jade,” (I’d even put it above “Almost Prayed”), it’s been forgotten by history.

    The collection “R is for Razorcuts” is actually fairly easy and cheap to get ahold of, and you can get a few more songs on the “A is for Alphabet” ep. However, good luck getting the actual albums, which is a shame because there’s probably a couple of cds worth of stuff that can’t be found. Anyone have any of those mp3s to share?

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