Shred Of Dignity: Putting Unwanted Promo CDs To Rest

Apr 10th, 2007 // 1 Comment

ascd.jpgRecently, the Idolator flophouse was gifted with a menacing-looking new CD shredder–nicknamed “Dicey”–and it’s been instrumental in clearing our workspace of unwanted promotional discs. We’ve decided to start cataloging some of Dicey’s conquests, and since capturing executions via cameraphone seem to be all the rage these days, we’re happy to share the NSFW proceedings:

THE VICTIM: Audioslave, Revelations
PUNISHABLE OFFENSES: Revelations was released in September 2006, which means that we had nearly nine months within which we could have changed the disc’s title from “AS” to “ASS.” Unrelated: We need to clean up around here more.
DID IT DIE WITH HONOR?: Its demise was wholly predictable and mostly unmemorable–much like Audioslave itself.

  1. antistar

    I was a big Soundgarden/Rage fan, so IMO it was a solid album. Much better than the second one that seemed to be rushed. Just like Rage, they were one of the best live bands out there. The main problems were the first single was not a good choice and Cornell refused to tour and did hardly any promotion for the release. No talk shows or SNL. Nothing but a couple of radio things that nobody heard.
    Now all the Audioslave haters can go see him really drag his legacy through the mud with a band that includes:
    Jason Sutter – Drums – Worked with Our Lady Peace, Smash Mouth
    Yogi Lonich – Guitar – Worked with Third Eye Blind, Fuel
    Peter Thorn – Guitar – Worked with Constantine Maroulis and Jewel
    Like it or not, if you were a Soundgarden fan, your last hope of him rocking out was Audioslave. Soundgarden are not getting back together, so now enjoy him doing Michael Jackson covers with the world’s most generic band.

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