Leak Of The Day: The New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Hits The Web

Apr 11th, 2007 // 13 Comments

yyy.jpgYesterday, we put out a call for a high-quality MP3 of “Sealings,” the latest single from Yeah Yeah Yeahs; our thanks to the numerous readers who pointed out that Merry Swankster and Hate Something Beautiful both had the tune up earlier. The track is below, and while it’s good stuff, we’re a bit disappointed it isn’t a song about actually having feelings for seals. Then again, knowing Karen O, maybe it is:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sealings [MP3, link expired]


  1. Anonymous

    sarahrose is otm.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    She really, really scares me, though. Is her face stretching? Is she gonna start looking like that moon guy from Night Breed? I’m worried.

    I honestly think she should ditch the guys and go solo. Their rock moves are holding her back.

  3. nonce

    Count me in as a hairy, bearlike fangirl. I was a little disappointed by their latest album, but I guess you could call this a “return to form.” More of this, please, and more of the kind of stuff on the Adidas commerical.

  4. Paul D

    This song is the shizz. I love it.

  5. StevenPatrickMorrissey

    now that’s what i want to hear out of the yyy’s. the slight siouxsie and the banshees influence is still present in this track. by the way, i resent that remark about bedford ave! i live right off there!

  6. spinachdip

    It might be because I’m a little stupid today, but I heard the opening riff and thought “‘She’s Got the Look’ by Roxette?”. Good stuff though.

  7. The Playlist

    New? Just so you know this song is like 3 years old and was played on the tail end of the Fever To Tell tour. I believe it was even recorded before they recorded Bones.

  8. brasstax

    Yeah, old song (I saw it first on the live DVD). But it is nice to finally have a studio recording of it.

  9. sarahrose

    i didn’t even catch that — it does sound like 10×10 era, now that you mention it. i wonder how spiderman execs got into using an old song for the soundtrack?

  10. Trackback

    Idolator has a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs track. It’s good, and the backlash is over, so you can like Karen O again, poseur.

  11. Ascender

    I may be a bit later here…but all style and no substance. Which is a criticism of this band I’m not sure they’d mind. Frankly, YYY’s are just not that good. Period.

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