Listening Station: The New Shins B-Side Could Put You To Sleep

Apr 11th, 2007 // 8 Comments

shinswalll.jpegThe Shins’ most recent album, Wincing The Night Away, was released thirty-seven years ago. Or at least it feels like it was, because no matter where we go–bars, parties, dog funerals, bars–we cannot escape hearing it in the background. Enough already! We realize the record fits into that cool-but-not-inaccessible category preferred by soundtrack supervisors and barkeeps everywhere, but would it kill you to throw on some Pointer Sisters or Adam Ant or something?

Anyhoo, the group has just released a new import-only EP for “Australia,” and it’s B/W a mellow (but not too snoozy) remix of “Sleeping Lessons.” So consider this the first Shins song in months that has not been shoved into your ears, and be prepared to be sick of it within three weeks or so:

The Shins – Sleeping Lessons (The Rac Mix) [MP3, link expired]
RAC [Official Site]


  1. d_mosurock

    I have never been able to comprehend why a bar would either force on patrons, or allow them outright, the chance to select the Shins, Belle & Sebastian, Modest Mouse, Polyphonic Spree, etc., as a soundtrack to tying one on, instead of the old standbys. This music would seem to stifle the urge to drink anything except weak tea. Any bar without AC/DC or some old blues or R&B on the jukebox might as well be using doilies as coasters.

  2. Jude

    on a lighter(?) note…i just love that picture of The Shins. Particularly how diligently the one on the far right is trying to not come across as “the fat one”.

    God I hate this music.

  3. mickeyprecious

    Right on the money Jude – I was thinking the same thing! Look at how he’s thrusting his chest out – it’s like someone put a cold thermometer in his rear.

    At least this band is consistent – they successfully look as boring as they sound.

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