Police Thought Drummer’s “Magic Soap” Was Casting The Wrong Kind Of Spell

Apr 11th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Picture%202.pngThe Los Angeles Times has some more details on the organic soap-related arrest of former Germs drummer Don Bolles, including a note on how the offending solution–the hyper-labeled natural cleansing agent Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soap–triggered police’s drug-testing setup:

Bolles, 50, whose real name is Jimmy Michael Giorsetti, said in an interview that he and his girlfriend were driving to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting Wednesday evening when police pulled over his 1968 Dodge van for a broken taillight.

Inside the vehicle, police found a toiletry kit containing denture glue, razors and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

When a field test of the alleged liquid peppermint soap indicated it was GHB, a date-rape drug, Bolles was arrested on suspicion of felony narcotics possession, said Sgt. Evan Sailor of the Newport Beach Police Department.

Bolles insisted the soap was only soap. “I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s for 35 years,” he said Tuesday, adding that the organic ingredients help give him the complexion of a 15-year-old girl.

Normally, the soap triggers a different reading on the drug-test meter because of the fact that hemp oil is among its ingredients (which was what we attributed the arrest to in our original report). Dr. Bronner’s is understandably alarmed by this new drug-test result, and is planning to help Bolles out with his defense. Meanwhile, Bolles is keeping it classy:

Bolles, a onetime heroin addict who is scheduled to play a London concert with the Germs in August, likewise dismissed the idea that he would carry GHB. “A date-rape drug is the last thing I need,” he said. “If anything, I need a way to keep the girls off of me. They make my girlfriend mad.”

Punk rocker caught in soap opera [LA Times]
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  1. AndrewTaylor

    I can vouch for the craziness of the labeling on that soap. I saw some at my neighborhood Meijer and it’s on some end-of-the-world, redemption-through-Jesus, government-conspiracy-spewing, other-other tip. Bonkers is too light a word for it.

  2. AndrewTaylor

    Or maybe not redemption through Jesus (apparently Bronner was Jewish), but I definitely remember some mind-boggling scripture stuff going on.

  3. zoe3225

    Is “complexion of a 15-year-old girl” supposed to be a positive thing? Because if what’s going on on the face of your average 15-year-old is now good, Noxzema and Proactiv are in serious trouble.

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