Kurt Vonnegut Gets Unstuck In Heaven

kurtrip.jpgKurt Vonnegut died last night, at the age of 84; he suffered brain injuries after falling in his Manhattan apartment a few weeks ago. In addition to writing numerous novels, plays and critical essay, Vonnegut had several musical connections: Elvis Costello’s 1982 hit “Man Out Of Time” was drawn in part from Slaughterhouse-Five; soft-rockers Ambrosia used lines from Cat’s Cradle in the song “Nice, Nice, Very Nice,” earning Vonnegut a co-writing credit; and he once designed a mock album cover for Phish. R.I.P.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Man Out Of Time [MP3, link expired]
Ambrosia – Nice, Nice, Very Nice [MP3, link expired]
Novelist Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84 [CNN.com]

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