Inside The Fillmore New York: Hey, Look At The Blue Lights!

Apr 12th, 2007 // 2 Comments


An Idolator operative attended last night’s Lily Allen show at The Fillmore New York At Irving Plaza, and when asked to file a scene report, he had this to say:

“it looks like Irving Plaza.”

When pressed for more info, he continued:

“the only thing that’s different–you know when you first walk up the stairs there? there’s a bunch of framed concert posters there, and someone put a couple of blue lights in the chandeliers, so they glow blue. and the vip section has been expanded, and a raised platform has been put in so you can theoretically look over peoples’ heads. but that’s it. the changes are so small they’re almost indetectible.

We asked about the crucial element of Fillmore showgoing, one that was mentioned in every press release–what about the free apples?

“no apples. i did get a poster after the show, though.”

No apples? We’re shocked, shocked! After all that press. (Although perhaps Allen’s penchant for starting beefs wherever she goes resulted in the apples being taken away, as a precautionary measure.)

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  1. samuraiphotog

    They repainted the walls, too.

    There was an open bar, too, and if I were a drinker that would have made me pretty happy.

    There’s also a new fog machine contraption built into the stage left balcony wall, which was put into effect whenever she sang a song about smoking things.

  2. Vince Neilstein

    The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza? Sounds to me like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Or the famous New York Mets of Flushing.

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