RIAA Goes Back To School, Sends More Mash Notes To Filesharers

Apr 12th, 2007 // 1 Comment

The Recording Industry Association Of America continued its outreach to college students yesterday, sending off 400 “pre-settlement letters” to students who they suspected of filesharing. The RIAA representative charged with speaking to the media about this latest mailing was optimistic:

“Without question, this new enforcement initiative has invigorated a meaningful conversation on college campuses about music theft, its consequences and the numerous ways to enjoy legal music,” said Steven Marks, executive vp and general counsel for the RIAA. “The question we ask of students is this: With high-quality legal music options available for free or deeply discounted, why take the twin risks of exposing your computer to viruses or spyware by downloading from an illegal site or exposing yourself to a costly lawsuit?”

Wait a second–you’re asking this question of college students? The demographic that’s known for accomplishing feats like applying for usurious credit cards and eating bugs all in the name of getting a free T-shirt? Oh, Steven. You have so much to learn.

RIAA sends warnings to universities [Hollywood Reporter]

  1. Poubelle

    The closest I’ve seen to a “meaningful conversation” about downloading on my campus are the debates over which leaked albums are good enough to buy when they actually comes out.

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