Don’t Puck With Lil Jon


When he’s not producing records or test-marketing new lines of crunk juice, Lil Jon obsesses over hockey. He even has a blog about it over at NHL Connect:

Hockey for me, I just like the action. It’s kind of like football to me; it’s hard-hitting and fast-paced and you have to pay attention. It’s not like baseball where you just wait for something to happen. You have to pay attention every second. When we go to the games, we sit right on the glass and they check people into the boards directly in front of us. It’s just exciting: you’re right in the game because you’re looking the guys dead in the eye. When they come right up on the glass, the glass shakes right in front of your face. There is nothing like it.

As far as celebrity-written blogs go, it’s not too bad–much, much better than Greg Ginn’s Oscar-fashion riffs over on E! But thanks to songs like “Get Low” and “Salt Shaker”–not to mention that omnipresent Chappelle’s Show routine–it’s hard not to hear Jon’s trademark yelp in your head while reading this, especially when he talks about glass shaking.

Gettin to the Games [NHL Connect via Still Listen To Gangsta Music]