“Rock Star Supernova” Winner Somehow Keeping It Positive

Apr 13th, 2007 // 2 Comments

No doubt inspired by hearing Slash’s announcement that Velvet Revolver will stop playing Guns N’ Roses covers, former GNR guitarist Gilby Clarke has bolted from the TV-spawned “supergroup” Rock Star Supernova. This is the latest piece of bad news for the band, which has already dealt with a name change, an absolute bomb of an album, and a poorly attended tour. RSS will retool and rename itself once again, but somehow frontman–and Supernova TV show winner–Lukas Rossi from keeping a sunny outlook, at least to the press:

Although Rossi didn’t confirm Clarke’s exit from the band, he told ET Canada that “there will be a name change… the best is yet to come!” He also said that he is working on lyrics for a new album.

Let’s see–the Supernova finale aired in mid-September, so by our calculations, we’ve got at least five more months of this guy walking around with a smile plastered on his face. Can he keep up the facade? You know, that might actually make a pretty compelling reality show…

Report: GILBY CLARKE Quits ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA; Band To Change Name [Blabbermouth]


  1. JasonBob7

    I have an idea — why don’t the remaining three members of RSS join forces with the most outlandish and unstable members from VH1′s “Supergroup”? Imagine the sheer egomaniacal celebrity power of Tommy Lee and Ted Nugent in the same band! Behold….SUPERGROUPERNOVA!!!!

    Plus, I wanna see Sebastian Bach get shitfaced and bite off Lukas’s head onstage. THAT’s rock and roll, baby.

  2. AcidReign

    …..Tommy Lee’s a talented drummer, when he puts his mind to it. Ted, well… he’s intense. I’d like to see Ted do that Tarzan trick he used to open shows with, and land on the Goth Hobbit!

    …..Double-Live Gonzo was a great album to crank up on the PA at keg parties! “This here guitar, it just refuses…”

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