The “Rolling Stone” MySpace Clone: Apparently, They’re Serious About It

Apr 13th, 2007 // 1 Comment

rscoverrrr.jpgWe posted about the screening process for Rolling Stone‘s MySpace clone a few months ago, but Wenner Media’s director of online media, Keith Blanchard, visited an NYU journalism class this week and had a bit more to say on the subject:

Rolling Stone is the “authority figure” for judging music (just check out all their Wikipedia links), which doesn’t reflect this generation’s obsession with consumer-generated content. Blanchard plans to launch a separate site that will be a social network for music fans, complete with profiles and the ability to have a say in their “Best of” lists. Blanchard called it the “American Idol version of lists.” Let’s hope Sanjaya doesn’t make it on any of those.

Wow, “best of” lists that are user-generated? Don’t get too crazy there, guys! Anyway, there’s still no word on when, exactly, this site will launch and be as thoroughly ignored by the college-age demographic as I’m From Rolling Stone was, or if it’s going to have any compelling features aside from lists. But we’re sort of hoping that if the details don’t get hammered out soon, the RS powers that be will say “screw it, let’s buy MOG,” if only because it’d force all of these smug commenters to have to eat their words, or at least close their accounts in a huff.

Rolling Stone To Jump On MySpace Bandwagon [We Want Media, via GigaOM]
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    Whats with all the words. Blow that RS cover up!!! Rose and Rosario (hey!) FTW!!!

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