Leak Of The Day, Part Two: Kelly Clarkson Is Really Pissed

Apr 13th, 2007 // 9 Comments

270px-Kelly_Clarkson_1.jpgOur day of scouring the blogs for “Never Again,” the new single from Kelly Clarkson, has ended, thanks to pump like thumpy; the track is a fierce little breakup anthem directed at someone who dumped her before she got famous–and who she’s still pretty angry at. Recommended if you like accusations of exes being cheap, yell-along choruses, and–oh, come on, it’s Kelly Clarkson! (Also, to answer the inevitable question: According to the Clarkson obsessives on Livejournal, Mike Watt is not on this track.)

Kelly Clarkson – Never Again [MP3, via pump like thumpy] [link removed]


  1. Faster

    I prefer the Alanis version. Maybe he wouldn’t have broken up with her if she showered and put on a pair of shoes.

  2. Bob Loblaw

    I’ve seen this trick before, pony.

  3. plasticaisle

    I love it!!

    It’s better than her other songs with the exception of Since U Been Gone which I am still not sick of….

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