The InfoFilter Top 10 Torrents List: Proof That Somebody, Somewhere, Still Wants To Visit “Sam’s Town”

Apr 13th, 2007 // 1 Comment

infofilter.jpgWe realize we’ve been a bit Torrent-topsy-turvy this week, but here’s another of our semi-regular looks at InfoFilter’s Top 50 Torrents List, which ranks some of the most actively traded files on the Internet. We were a bit surprised to see the Killers place so high on the list, since the album is only at No. 75 on the Billboard album charts; must be the off-key warblings of that “Read My Mind” single. As for Tokio Hotel, all we know is that it’s a pop band from Germany, and that the group’s YouTube videos have prompted several intellectually reasoned “gay or not gay?” debates (we also know that technically, these guys should be in the No. 2 slot, as all of the new Linkin Park files we’ve heard have been fakes).

Top 50 Torrent List [InfoFilter]

  1. Snowbrigadier

    Tokio Hotel’s been pretty heavily covered by LJ gossip bloggers Oh No They Didn’t. After watching a few videos and both laughing and crying, I decided that the best way to describe these guys is a cross between Gakt and Linkin Part. (Gackt, for those of you fortunate enough to avoid J-Rock, has been dressing like Bill for over a decade.) Oh, and they’ll be releasing an english version of “Room 44″ this summer.

    But hey, at least they’re not Denmark’s Nik and Jay — I’m not sure if fake R&B could get any whiter.

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