Videodrone: The Idea Of An “Improvising Robot” Unnerves Us Just A Bit

Apr 13th, 2007 // 2 Comments

You’ll need to wait until the end for RAVI-bot, the robotic sitar developed at the University of Pennsylvania, to start “improvising,” thus conjuring up terrifying mental images of what might happen if other robots get it in their circuitry to follow suit. Ah, well. At least the energies of musically inclined college kids aren’t only going to repeated playings of Guitar Hero, right?

RAVI-bot at the University Of Pennsylvania [YouTube, via The Clog]

  1. Major Tom

    What a great device for those students who aren’t fortunate enough to have a guitar-noodling roommate!

  2. MTS

    Now I know what goes on when I walk past all the “NO HOUSEKEEPING OR MAGNETIC OBJECTS ALLOWED” signs in DRL.

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