Paul Rudd Does His Best (And Worst) Boston Impression

Apr 16th, 2007 // 10 Comments

On Saturday night, we traveled to Brooklyn’s Studio B for “Indie Rock Karaoke,” during which the justifiably beloved (and somewhat nutty) Of Montreal played backing band to several aspiring singers. One of them was 40-Year-Old Virgin star–and former Nintendo pitchman–Paul Rudd, who belted out Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” with Wet Hot American Summer director David Wain (we misheard Wain’s name at first, and so we were somewhat disappointed when he turned out not to be the guy who played Homey the Clown). There will be countless camera-phone depictions of Rudd’s handsome, handsome vocals all over YouTube today, but this one is the most complete; you can see other performers here, here and here, though watching them all in a row will likely induce vertigo.

Paul Rudd and David Wain singing More Than a Feeling [YouTube]

  1. Bob Loblaw

    Early in the night, just to get my girlfriend’s hopes up, I said, “Wouldn’t Paul Rudd coming out for karaoke be awesome?” Then we left five minutes before he actually came out. Haha, girlfriend.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    This is, like, my wife’s dream: she’s been crushing on Rudd ever since Clueless, and he’s singing her favorite jam from Guitar Hero.

    The only way it would’ve been more perfect would’ve been her getting to play GH behind Rudd.

    In her fantasy, I wonder if he’d be dressed as Axel Steel or Johnny Napalm?

  3. Gwenishka

    Well, in my fantasy, he’s dressed like Judy Nails. Is that wrong?

  4. gritsnyc

    Awwww. You can take the boy out of Kansas, but you can’t take the Kansas (or Boston, same thing?) out of the boy. My Midwestern heart beats proud today.

  5. MikeyMelbournePDD

    I don’t appreciate their mocking of the dead.


  6. MikeyMelbournePDD

    err, they didn’t post my link.

    R.I.P. Brad Delp.

  7. Chris Molanphy

    @MikeyMelbournePDD: I prefer to think of it as a self-deprecating homage to Delp.

  8. The Playlist

    Don’t be so humble guys, you sang too. ;)

  9. Brian Raftery

    I swear I usually don’t look that screamingly psychotic when I sing. The glowing red eyes, though, have been a burden since childhood.

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