The “EW” “Idol” Cover: Let The Conspiracy Theories Fly!

Apr 16th, 2007 // 5 Comments

ewonai.jpgThis week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly has a big package on American Idol, and its cover layout is causing some chatter among Idol conspiracy theorists who are getting bored by Sanjaya-stamina stories. Take this comment on the Brady Bunch-style layout from MJ’s American Idol blog:

I just realized. Conspiracy? Melinda, Blake and Jordin are all boxed in the top row. Is this the chosen top 3 or something?

Hmm! We love conspiracies, especially those put forth by outlets of huge media conglomerates. Let’s see!

If we start in the top left corner, and snake downward, the EW order goes like this:
7-Haley (EW goes to press on Tuesdays, hence her presence.)

Which, honestly, is an order that makes perfect sense–is there anyone who thinks Melinda won’t make it to the final?–to anyone who’s been watching even one episode this season. (Inside, Blake cements his “rebel” bona fides by complaining about the curfew, a bad-boy move that will likely endear him more to text-happy young female fans than Chris.) The only exception? The Haley/Phil flip. Then again, as some of the hat-wearing dad’s fans have noted, his placement also allowed him to be covered up by the magazine’s UPC code, probably because EW‘s art department realized that his creepiness would be more detrimental to newsstand sales than Haley’s plasticine “sexiness.”

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  1. The Gigante

    Barcode Phil should be his new name.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Agreed on all counts. I remember getting the magazine on Friday and instantly theorizing about placement – Phil’s fight with the barcode is too obvious to miss.

  3. nicoel

    Sanjaya looks like a gremlin in that picture.

  4. Anonymous

    No, I think Sanjaya looks like a Southeast Asia Precious Moments collectible, always.

    All of the AI men are creepy this year though, not to take away from Blake, Chris and Phil.

  5. Fennessey

    In fairness, I think this is determined by the voting. The members of the bottom block have all appeared in the bottom three of the voting. I hardly think EW is being sinister. And everybody knows that ‘zany’ Blake looks good in headgear.

    Also, someone kill Blake.

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